Walk-in Retail Steps:

Introducing Walk-In Retail

TouchPay's comprehensive automated payment processing network is tailored to the unique needs of government agencies and their customers. Our goal is to provide convenient, easy-to-use and reliable ways for all customers to make government payment transactions regardless of whether they prefer to pay in cash, with credit or debit cards, or with checks (where service is available). By offering many different automated options for making payments, government agencies and correctional facilities increase their revenues and reduce costs. Customers appreciate TouchPay's payment solutions because the many options make paying convenient, easy, and there are no errors in processing.

TouchPay serves over 250 agency clients nationwide including courts, child support agencies, municipalities, state Departments of Corrections, and local and county sheriffs and police departments. In addition to providing these agencies with premise-based cash accepting payment Kiosks, web credit/debit payment services, toll-free telephone payment services, and countertop terminals, TouchPay is now offering cash customers the opportunity to conveniently make their government monetary transactions in their own neighborhood with Walk-In Retail.

What is Walk-In Retail?

TouchPay's Walk-In Retail service is designed to meet the needs of the approximately 68 million cash preferred or unbanked customers in the United States. It offers these customers a way to pay for their traffic tickets, water bills, commissary accounts or child support in cash without having to go to the government agency offices. Cash preferred customers will appreciate not having to find transportation and take time off to go to the county courthouse or detention center during office hours to make payments.

With TouchPay's Walk-In Retail, the customer will be able initiate a cash payment on TouchPay's website and then complete it at a neighborhood retail location at a convenient time. Online or on their phone, they can select the intended agency or facility, payment type, payment identifying number, and payment amount. After they have placed the order, customers can take the Order Confirmation they received on the website, through email, or though SMS/text message to one of the many nearby authorized Walk-In Retail locations. The payment can be made at the customer's convenience, as long as it is completed within 5 days. There they will be able to pay in cash and receive a payment receipt. Payments are verified and funded in real time and can be made to accounts associated with any participating TouchPay agency or facility across the country.

Where Can I Go to Make a Cash Payment with Walk-In Retail?

With TouchPay's Walk-In Retail network of neighborhood retailers, customers can make their cash payments at a location that is convenient for them. Click here to see retailers near you.

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